Sustainable MVDC

Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) recognises its responsibility as a leader in the community and a major employer to protect the local environment and promote sustainable practices.

Reducing our emissions

MVDC is committed to ensuring its own operations and the activities of the district's residents and businesses have as few negative effects on the environment as possible.

To achieve a reduction in the internal carbon footprint, MVDC is currently working with the Carbon Trust. Information on MVDC's Carbon Management Programme is available. In order to achieve this target, a range of projects are being implemented. Projects carried out so far include:

  • installation of photovoltaic panels at Dorking Halls and Leatherhead Leisure Centre
  • voltage optimisation
  • variable speed drives
  • ductwork and pipe insulation
  • installation of condensing boilers
  • replacement of lighting with LED lamps

Climate Change

MVDC has already signed the Nottingham Declaration and acknowledges the threat climate change poses to the sustainability of communities, businesses and the environment. As part of its commitment to the environment and tackling climate change, there are a number of programmes aimed at reducing the effect its operations have on the environment. MVDC has adopted a Climate Change Strategy and is working in partnership with all local authorities in Surrey.

MVDC has adopted a Sustainable Development Strategy and recognises that it has a responsibility to not only do whatever it can to ensure that its activities support rather than harm environmental, economic and social sustainability, but also to seek to influence others in the area to do the same. The strategy sets out how MVDC aims to contribute to sustainable development throughout the district.

Home Energy Conservation (HECA)

MVDC is required to submit a yearly progress report to the government on issues relating to energy efficiency and energy conservation in its administrative area.

You can view or download MVDC's latest Home Energy Conservation report for 2017.

Staff Travel Plan

MVDC is also committed to reducing the environmental effects of travel. The Staff Travel Plan aims to encourage and enable staff to adopt more sustainable and low emission transport for commuting and business travel.

Last Updated: 08/01/2018

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