MVDC Composition by Party

Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) has 41 councillors, representing 21 wards in the district. The political balance at MVDC is 21 Conservative, 13 Liberal Democrat and seven Independents , which means that the Conservative Group has overall control. Currently MVDC operates a Strong Leader and Executive model of governance, with an Executive consisting of the Leader and seven other councillors from the Conservative Group.

Conservative Group

  • Tim Ashton
  • Lucy Botting
  • Lynne Brooks
  • John Chandler
  • Rosemary Dickson
  • Simon Edge
  • James Friend
  • Mary Huggins
  • Chris Hunt
  • Metin Huseyin
  • Duncan Irvine
  • Howard Jones
  • Malcolm Ladell
  • Vivienne Michael
  • David Mir
  • John Muggeridge
  • Paul Newman
  • Corinna Osborne-Patterson
  • Jatin Patel
  • Sarah Seed
  • Charles Yarwood

Liberal Democrat Group

  • Margaret Cooksey
  • Stephen Cooksey
  • Joe Crome
  • David Draper
  • Paul Elderton
  • Raj Haque
  • Bridget Kendrick
  • Paul Kennedy
  • Tim Lorretto
  • Claire Malcomson
  • Wayne Monkman
  • Paul Potter
  • Clayton Wellman

Informal Independent Group

  • Mary Cooper
  • David Harper
  • David Hawksworth
  • Simon Ling
  • Peter Stanyard
  • Michelle Watson
  • Patricia Wiltshire

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