Potential Regeneration of Pippbrook Site and Reigate Road Car Park

On 31 October 2017, Mole Valley District Council's Executive will consider a report recommending that a brief is created for the purpose of identifying a consultant tasked with composing a Master Plan, concerning the future of the Pippbrook and Reigate Road Car Park sites in Dorking.

Councillor Charles Yarwood, Executive Member for Assets and Investments, said: "We are considering how best we might explore unlocking the potential of the Pippbrook and Reigate Road Car Park sites in Dorking. A proposed Master Plan for these two sites would need to achieve regeneration options that are sympathetic to the heritage of the town, be financially achievable and must represent good value for money for tax payers. We listened to responses to a public consultation held in 2014, in which 81% of respondents supported us using the site to generate income and taking the most favourable course of action that would limit the financial impact on taxpayers.

"Any Future regeneration proposals would have to complement and enhance those facilities exempt from this proposed exercise: the Pippbrook Offices; local housing, Dorking Halls; Dorking Sports Centre; bowls club and tennis courts. Any such Master Plan would need to incorporate criteria and objectives set by us to achieve a sustainable and landmark regeneration that would benefit the town centre. The objectives behind future regeneration would include: delivering jobs; encouraging economic activity; creating homes and incorporating wider-parking considerations for Dorking. One of the key objectives would be to put Pippbrook House back into use; which is a major challenge in itself. If the situation remains as it is, the building will regrettably remain empty and in poor repair.

"The Pippbrook and Reigate Road Car Park sites are contained in existing Planning Policy*. We want the best for the future prosperity and economic vibrancy for Dorking and the creation of a Master Plan would provide us the opportunity to assess the suitability of this policy in greater detail, which in turn would help inform the New Local Plan. Any changes to existing planning policy would be subject to consultation as part of the Local Plan review. The Master Plan would also involve looking at existing car parking provision at Pippbrook and Reigate Road and, informed by the town's current car parking challenges, would recommend an appropriate car parking strategy for the benefit of visitors, residents and businesses."

*Dorking Town Area Action Plan 2012. Policy DT10 states: The Reigate Road area shown on the Proposals Map is identified for civic, entertainment, cultural, recreational and community purposes. Development of any part of the site for other uses will not normally be permitted, unless there is no reasonable prospect of that part of the site being used for the purposes specified in the policy

Last Updated: 10/10/2017

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