Single Person Discount Claimants look out for our letter!

This month, Mole Valley District Council is writing to every person in the District who currently claims a Single Person Discount on their Council Tax bill. Failure to reply to the letter will result in the removal of the discount.

Residents who currently claim the Single Person Discount of 25% on their Council Tax bill are advised to look out for the letter from Mole Valley, which contains urgent instructions on how to confirm their eligibility. The letter must be responded to within 14 days of receipt.

This letter is part of Mole Valley's review of claimants to ensure only eligible residents are receiving this particular discount. It is designed to reduce financial loss or damage to the taxpayer. The letter can be responded to online or via traditional post.

To be eligible for Single Person Discount on Council Tax bills residents must be the sole adult occupant of the property.

Councillor Charles Yarwood, Deputy Leader at Mole Valley District Council said, "Whilst we accept that the majority of recipients of the Single Person Discount are entitled to it, we have a duty to identify people whose circumstances may have changed.

"This full review of the Single Person Discount will ensure that those who are eligible and who respond, will continue to receive it. As a public body, Mole Valley District Council has a responsibility to detect and prevent fraud, saving tax payer's money and ensuring precious resources are allocated to those whose needs are greatest."



For the purpose of Council Tax some adults are not counted towards the bill, these persons are refereed to as disregarded, as a guide they are:

· Full Time Student

· Under 20 and in full time education

· Student Nurse

· Youth Training Scheme

· Apprentice

· Foreign Language Assistant

· Non-British spouses of full time students

· Carer

· Care Worker

· Severely Mentally Impaired

· In hospital, a car home or a hospice

· In prison or on remand

Last Updated: 12/10/2017

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