New Rural Community Strategy Now Available

Mole Valley's new Rural Community Strategy 2017 - 2027 is now available to on the Mole Valley website. The strategy's vision is to "Support thriving, inclusive and sustainable rural areas which enhance the prospects for Mole Valley's rural communities and businesses and preserve the value of the District's natural assets for future generations."

The new strategy is based on an assessment of the specific issues facing rural communities in Mole Valley. It follows consultation with organisations operating in the rural areas which account for over 90% of the District and which are home to 26% of the District's population and 22% of its businesses. Mole Valley's rural areas face a range of issues that are unique to living and working in the countryside as well as those common in other more built up areas of the District.

This is the first such strategy produced by Mole Valley. It is an action-orientated document to both inform decisions taken by Mole Valley District Council affecting its rural communities and influence those organisations providing services in the rural areas.

Councillor Corinna Osborne-Patterson, Executive Member for Communities, Services and Housing said, "This strategy highlights the importance of rural Mole Valley as a place to live, a place to work and a place to enjoy. In order to deliver our rural vision, collaboration and partnership working with stakeholders, local partnerships and rural communities will be essential.

"We need to build on opportunities and address the challenges faced by this key area. Only by working together can we ensure wellbeing, economic prosperity, a sustainable environment and vibrant rural communities.

"The strategy is accompanied by a comprehensive action plan. We will also be holding an Annual Rural Summit to ensure that the prosperity of rural Mole Valley remains a priority for us all."


Last Updated: 22/10/2017

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