Meadowbank Recreation Ground Public Spaces Protection Order

Meadowbank Recreation Ground is located behind St Martin's Walk in Dorking town centre with access from Mill Lane, Ashcombe Road, London Road, Chalkpit Lane, Rothes Road and Fairfield Drive.

MVDC consulted with local residents, businesses and users of Meadowbank on a proposed Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to replace the previous Dorking Town Centre Designated Public Place Order (DPPO) at this location, over a 5 week period in July and August 2017. 256 respondents completed the survey, with 70% of respondents agreeing there would be a negative impact if the DPPO was not replaced by a PSPO regulating consumption of alcohol. 65% thought that regulating dog fouling with a PSPO, and 71% thought that restricting dog access with a PSPO just to the fenced and gated children's playground, would have a positive impact.

Meadowbank Recreation Ground PSPO map
Map of designated PSPO zone Meadowbank
Meadowbank Recreation Ground PSPO map

The PSPO brought in the following measures for Meadowbank Recreation Ground, within the shaded area on the map:

  • Controlled Alcohol Zone - although it is not an offence to drink alcohol in the recreation ground, it is an offence to fail to comply with a request by an authorised officer to stop drinking or surrender alcohol
  • Controlled Dog Zone - it is an offence for dog owners not to pick up dog faeces, with the exception of owners of assistance dogs. It is an offence to bring dogs into the fenced and gated area of Meadowbank Playground, again, with the exception of assistance dogs. It is also an offence not to put a dog on a lead in the shaded area on the map when required to do so by an authorised officer
  • It is an offence to be verbally abusive to any person, behave in a way that causes harassment, alarm or distress, and misuse of any drugs or intoxicating substances within the boundaries of the PSPO

Littering is not included as an offence in the PSPO, as it is already covered by other legislation.

The full Meadowbank PSPO is available (see 'Downloads'). The PSPO will be enforced through a combination of CCTV monitoring, Council enforcement and Police patrols.

For more information about PSPOs, please call the Community Safety and Enforcement team on 01306 885001 or email

Last Updated: 05/01/2020

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