Mole Valley's New Community Transport Strategy

On 27th March 2018, Mole Valley District Council's Executive will consider a report recommending the adoption of a new Community Transport Strategy that includes a range of measures which aim to help increase independence and reduce social isolation amongst the most vulnerable communities in the District.

The Community Transport Strategy 2018-2022 has been developed together with a number of partners who, alongside Mole Valley District Council (MVDC), are committed to delivering a range of travel options that best suit the everyday needs of users who travel both within and outside of Mole Valley.

MVDC's existing Community Transport service regularly runs routes across the District, including to and from some of the more isolated rural locations in Mole Valley.  Without this service, some users would be unable to get to work, school, or to make medical and social appointments. The new Strategy proposes a range of improvements to the popular and highly regarded public transport provision already available. Improvements will be made with a view to providing an even wider range of travel options to a greater number of users who might otherwise be at risk of social-isolation. 

The proposed changes to the existing service include exploring new marketing channels to better promote the service to prospective customers, undertake a comprehensive review of the available fleet of vehicles and, where necessary, investing in fit-for-purpose vehicles to ensure the range of service and environment needs can be met. In addition, there is an ambition to provide better and more frequent services on those routes most frequently requested by existing customers. 

MVDC recognises that to best serve the local community, it is not practical for Mole Valley Community Transport to be the sole provider of community transport in the District. As such, MVDC proposes to work in partnership with other existing schemes to provide a more comprehensive community transport provision, signposting users to the most appropriate travel option to meet their needs.

Councillor Lucy Botting, Executive Member for Wellbeing said, "We recognise how highly valued our excellent Community Transport service already is, but we know that the service cannot stand still.  In order to meet the changing needs our users, and to reach those people who are socially isolated and may not currently be aware of the service, we need to make improvements and work in partnership to ensure our residents have the best public transport provision available for them to use."


Last Updated: 21/03/2018

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