Dorking Low Paid Worker Permit

The Dorking Low Paid Worker parking permit enables lower paid staff who commute to work in shops or offices in Dorking town centre to apply for a discounted parking permit.

Permit holders can park in the long term section of St Martins Walk car park, Monday to Saturday

To qualify for a Dorking Low Paid Worker Permit:

Applicants must be lower paid staff (individuals earning less that £8.72 per hour as of 1 April 2020) working in shops, offices or other businesses in Dorking town centre. Should earnings increase above £8.72 per hour you will no longer be eligible for the permit.

Documents you will need:

Proof of earnings. Acceptable documents include:

  • Copy of payslips
  • A letter on headed paper from your employer stating the hourly rate which you are paid and place of work
  • A copy of your contract of employment

Photocopies and online downloads of the above will be accepted.


100 permits are available at a price of £150 each per annum or £40 each quarter, on a first-come, first served basis.

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Dorking Low Paid Worker Terms and Conditions.

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Please contact Parking Services at

Last Updated: 20/03/2020

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