East Dorking Regeneration Site

MVDC is proposing regenerating the area of Dorking around the Pippbrook offices and Reigate Road Car Park (the car park to the rear of Dorking Halls).

The project is referred to as the East Dorking Regeneration Site.

Pippbrook House
Pippbrook House
Pippbrook House

The intention is to consider using the Pippbrook site, which in conjunction with the Reigate Road Car Park is an opportunity to generate jobs, housing and bring economic benefits for the town. 

Consolidation of Dorking Halls and the east end of the High Street is to be considered, as is a solution for bringing Pippbrook House back into repair and beneficial use.

The Executive Report, approved in October 2017, sets out the Council's proposals for the site.

As instructed by the Executive, Urban Initiatives Studio Ltd has been retained as master planners and work has started on the draft master plan.

Simultaneously, the planning policy team at Mole Valley District Council is working on the draft Local Plan. These two strands of work are an opportunity to change the future planning policy for the site and deliver benefits for the town. It is intended that the final master plan will inform and advise the draft Local Plan.

At this initial stage of the process, the creating of a master plan to advise and inform the draft local plan; Urban Initiatives Studio and Mole Valley will be seeking views and opinions from the Local Community Reference Group and Councillors.

Members of this Local Community Interest Group include; local residents, occupiers of the existing site, representatives of parish councils, representatives of Dorking commercial groups and special interest groups from Dorking.

The Draft Local Plan will go through two extensive public consultation periods. These are likely to be in spring and autumn 2019. These consultations will take the form of drop in sessions, workshops, website surveys etc. as is normal for draft Local Plan procedures. The East Dorking Regeneration Master Plan will be widely consulted on during these two periods.

If you would like to send any comments on this subject please email them directly to eastdorkingregen@molevalley.gov.uk

Last Updated: 26/09/2018

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