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Mole Valley District Council Celebrates Diversity

Positively celebrating diversity for the benefit of all residents is high on the agenda for Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) following last night's Council meeting. A motion was agreed as MVDC committed to "Take action to positively celebrate our local diversity for the benefit of all residents".

A second resolution on diversity was also passed, that of "Promoting inclusion, cultural diversity and community wellbeing in every appropriate future communication undertaken by MVDC".

Councillor Stephen Cooksey, Leader of MVDC, said: "Last night's Council motion was really something to celebrate for everyone in Mole Valley.  

"We recognise that inclusion of all members of society has a positive impact, culturally, socially and economically on our district.  In agreeing this motion the organisation will now consider what more it can do to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion."

"The third resolution of the motion from last night was that of, "Working in partnership with Surrey County Council, and seek to specifically celebrate sexual diversity through introducing Rainbow Pedestrian Crossings to our town centres as a public visible reminder of our open and inclusive local society".  In light of recent funding cuts and proposed/agreed reduction in services, specifically the Children's Centres and Community Recycling Centres, it was not felt appropriate to use council funds to decorate pedestrian crossings in the way described, so this element was not approved."

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