Lost, Damaged, Replacement & New Bins

MVDC provide wheelie bins for refuse and recycling as well as indoor and outdoor caddies for food waste.

You can also request to have a spare bin removed using the online form.

Request an Additional/Replacement Bin ›

To request an additional or replacement garden waste bin please call 01306 885001.

Containers available from MVDC include:

  Standard 240 ltr wheeled bin £52
  Small 140 ltr wheeled bin £32
  Standard 240 ltr wheeled bin no charge
  Small 140 ltr wheeled bin no charge
Food Waste    
  23 ltr outdoor dark green caddy no charge
  7 ltr indoor silver caddy no charge

Please note, the replacement bin supplied may be a clean second hand bin.

Bins that have gone missing following collection may turn up in a couple of days, therefore we ask that residents wait at least 48 hours before requesting a replacement bin.

To reduce the likelihood of your bin being lost of stolen, MVDC advises that residents write their house name or number clearly on their own bin/s.

If your bin becomes damaged, MVDC will arrange a replacement, provided we can collect the broken one.

Please note, there is a charge for replacement refuse bins. Bins that have fallen into the collection vehicle or that have been damaged during collection are exempt from this charge.

Additional Bins

Upon request, MVDC provide additional recycling bins to households who regularly have excess recycling that cannot fit in their bin; alternatively clear recycling sacks should be used if you produce excess recycling on an ad hoc basis (e.g. around Christmas). Clear recycling sacks can be purchased from supermarkets. 

Regarding your refuse bin, all waste must fit into it with the lid closed; any extra rubbish will not be collected. If your household recycles as much as possible but generates more rubbish than you can fit in one refuse (general waste) bin, you can request a temporary additional rubbish bin. The delivery cost for a temporary additional bin is £16.   

For more information, please call 01306 885001.

Changing your bin size

To swap your bin for a different size, please request a bin via the online form. Please note, there is a charge of £52 to upsize from a 140L refuse wheeled bin to a 240L refuse wheeled bin. There is a charge of £16 to downsize from a 240L bin to a 140L bin. 

New bins

Existing properties

Existing properties in the district should already have bins. Residents moving into an existing property without bins can request them online, a charge is applied to refuse bins.

New build properties

Please check with the property developer as to whether they have ordered bins for your property before requesting them via our online form.

Communal properties

Flats and communal properties are supplied with large bulk refuse bins, recycling bins and food waste bins. Requests for new or additional bulk bins should be directed to your managing agent or housing association.