Small Electricals

In Mole Valley you can recycle small electrical items using our free kerbside collection.

Want to know which bin to put something in or where to take it? Use the search below to find out.


Place your waste electrical items into one small size carrier bag (or a small bin liner, such as a pedal bin liner), tie it up, and place it next to your bin on your normal collection day. You can leave any plugs or cables attached, but do not place loose items out for collection. Batteries should be put into a separate small bag.

Please do not place your electrical items in black sacks or charity bags.

Please note we can only take one bag of electricals per household per week. This is because there is a limited amount of space on the vehicle to hold both small electricals and textiles.

Yes please!

  • irons, toasters, kettles, blenders and other kitchen appliances
  • power tools, smoke detectors and thermostats
  • hairdryers, clippers and shavers, electric toothbrushes, straighteners and curling tongs
  • radios, CD/MP3 players and speakers
  • alarm clocks, calculators, clocks and torches
  • DVD and video players, game consoles and remote controls
  • mobile phones, cameras and chargers
  • hard drives and computer components
  • small electrical toys
  • household, mobile phone and laptop batteries (tie up in a separate bag)

No, thanks!

  • low energy light bulbs
  • TVs, laptops and computer monitors
  • large appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers or fridge freezers

How to reuse or recycle electrical items

Working items can be donated to the Surrey Reuse Network or a local charity. You could also advertise them through a free community exchange scheme, such as Freecycle.

The Community Recycling Centres accept electronic goods, including large items.