Adopted Planning Policy Documents

This page provides information and links to Mole Valley's Adopted Planning Policy Documents. These include the Core Strategy, the Mole Valley Local Plan 2000, the Dorking Town Area Action Plan and other relevant policy documents.

Links to online versions of adopted documents are provided where available.  See 'downloads' for PDF versions of adopted planning policy documents which are available to download. 

Core Strategy: 2009

The Core Strategy sets out a vision, objectives, spatial strategy and overarching planning policies that guide new development in the District up until 2026. This is the starting point in the determination of planning applications in the District alongside the saved policies within the Mole Valley Local Plan.

Local Plan: 2000

The Mole Valley Local Plan is currently being reviewed and will eventually be replaced. The Local Plan covers the entire district and contains a range of policies principally relating to more day-to-day planning applications, such as the change of use of buildings and home extensions.  

All saved policies from the Local Plan and the Core Strategy can be viewed on the interactive Proposals Map (see 'Related Pages') and the printed copies of the Local Development Framework Proposals Map (Oct 2009).

Dorking Town Area Action Plan: 2012

The Dorking Town Area Action Plan indicates where new retail and residential development will take place within the central area of Dorking. It also establishes a range of policies that deal with issues surrounding the safeguarding of industrial and commercial land, change of use of retail premises, design and infrastructure and environmental improvements. It will be the starting point for the determination of planning applications in the central area of the town in conjunction with the Mole Valley Core Strategy and the saved policies in the Mole Valley Local Plan 2000.

Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood planning is a process by which communities can come together and prepare plans that will guide the type of developments they wish to see in their local area.

The Ashtead, Bookham, Capel (parish wards of Beare Green, Capel and Coldharbour) and Westcott Neighbourhood Plans now form part of the Development Plan for Mole Valley. Further information can be found on the Neighbourhood Planning pages.

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

We adopted our Statement of Community Involvement on 7 December 2021.

The Statement of Community Involvement describes how residents, businesses and organisations will be involved in planning policy consultations and how they can comment on planning applications.

We are required to review our Statement of Community Involvement every five years. We last adopted a Statement of Community Involvement in Autumn 2016 so a revised document was due.

See downloads to view the latest Statement of Community Involvement.

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) and other Policy Statements

Affordable Housing SPD

The Affordable Housing SPD sets out in detail MVDC's approach to the implementation of the Core Strategy Policy CS4 - The Provision of Affordable Housing. This is an important document for all those considering new housing development in the district. The Affordable Housing SPD was updated in July 2014 and again in January 2018 to reflect changes to national planning policy and affordable housing strategies. The January 2018 update includes a Viability Checklist to guide developers who wish to submit viability evidence in support of a planning application (see Appendix 5 of the Affordable Housing SPD). The Viability Checklist sets out the information required by MVDC, in a structured format, to assist with the efficient processing of applications. 

An Addendum to the SPD was published in 2016 and updated in 2019.  This covers the application of vacant building credit and current site thresholds for the inclusion of affordable housing, following the 2014 Written Ministerial Statement and the 2019 GNP. 

For more information, view the Affordable Housing SPD and the Affordable Housing Addendum 2019 (see 'Downloads'). Further information can also be found on the CIL and Housing Affordable Housing Contributions page. 

Built-Up Areas Character Appraisal SPD

The Built-Up Areas Character Appraisal provides a character appraisal for the five main built-up areas in Mole Valley: Ashtead, Bookham and Fetcham, Dorking and Leatherhead. For more information, view the Built-Up Character Appraisal document (see 'Downloads').

Designing Out Crime SPD

The Designing Out Crime SPD promotes a practical and co-ordinated approach to development management, highlighting best practice in the field of community safety and designing out crime. For more information, view the 'Designing Out Crime' document (see 'Downloads').   

Landscape SPD 

The Landscape SPD identifies important characteristics of the landscape throughout the district. It focuses on the rural areas and the landscape setting of towns and villages. The SPD also provides general guidance on landscape issues and how they should be addressed by developers and those responding to planning applications. It will assist with the implementation Core Strategy policy CS13 Landscape Character. For more information, view the 'Landscape SPD' (see 'Downloads').

Larger Rural Village Character Appraisal SPD 

The Larger Rural Village Character Appraisal SPD covers six villages: Beare Green, Brockham, Capel, Charlwood, Hookwood and Westcott. It analyses the character and landscape setting of each village, as well as providing general guidance on character issues. It will assist with the implementation Core Strategy policy CS14 Towns cape, Urban Design and the Historic Environment. For more information, view the 'Larger Rural Villages Character Appraisals SPD' (see 'Downloads').     

Policy Statement for 1-41 Lower Road, 33-35 Lower Road and 2 The Mount, Fetcham

On 29 October 2002, MVDC adopted a Policy Statement covering the above addresses. A map is included in the Policy Statement (see 'Downloads'). This Policy Statement does not have the status of a Local Plan policy or Supplementary Planning Document.  However, was formally adopted by the Council following a public consultation process and it is regarded as a material consideration in the consideration of planning applications in the affected area. The Policy Statement is therefore made available for the information of those making or commenting on planning applications. (See 'Downloads' for the Built-Up Area Character Appraisal SPD for Bookham and Fetcham, which covers similar issues.)

Interim Policy Statement on Employment Land

On 5 December 2017, MVDC agreed that an Interim Policy Statement on Employment Land be published and subsequently taken into account as a material consideration in the determination of planning applications.

The Interim Policy Statement on Employment Land is available to view (see 'Downloads').

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