Future Mole Valley (Local Plan 2020-2037)

Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) has started work on its next Local Plan, 'Future Mole Valley'. The project will set out plans for land use in the District for the next 17 years; it will include targets for delivering new development as well as setting out those areas which will continue to be protected.

A Regulation 18 public consultation on the draft Future Mole Valley Local Plan took place between 3 February and 23 March 2020.

Since this consultation, the Council has reviewed all representations submitted before considering in detail the changes that need to be made to the draft Local Plan and the associated evidence base documents. The process of making amendments to the Plan is still underway, and it is anticipated that a 'submission version' Local Plan will be published in the summer of 2021.

Please see futuremolevalley.org for more information about this process and to view the draft Local Plan consulted on last year. 

To be notified of any further updates relating to the new Local Plan, please sign up to the Future Mole Valley mailing list.

Previous Consultations

Between 1 July and 1 September 2017, we held a Regulation 18 public consultation to ask for your views on the strategic options for Future Mole Valley. The consultation considered two main themes: making the best use of brownfield land, and the potential release of greenfield land.

Full details can be found at futuremolevalley.org

A report was presented to the Mole Valley Executive Meeting on 28 November 2017 where members agreed the following preferred strategic development options to guide the preparation of Future Mole Valley;

Brownfield Options

  •  Town centre redevelopment
  •  Limited reallocation of commercial and retail land
  •  Mixed use redevelopment
  •  Targeted increases in suburban densities

Greenfield Options

  •  Urban extensions
  •  Expansion of one or more rural villages
  •  Modest additions to rural villages

More detail regarding the preferred development options and the progress of Future Mole Valley is provided at futuremolevalley.org.

The Future Mole Valley Local Development Scheme has also been updated.

If you would like more information, please contact the Planning Policy team at planning.policy@molevalley.gov.uk.

If you would like to be added to the Future Mole Valley mailing list, sign up here. You can view previous newsletters at futuremolevalley.org.

Modest Additions to Rural Villages

More information on this Greenfield option is available to view at www.futuremolevalley.org/villages.

Housing Need

The government's standard method for assessing local housing need sets out the number of homes that a local authority should plan for. More information is available to view on the government guidance page.

MVDC's Cabinet Member for Planning wrote to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government in July 2020 to raise concerns about changes to this method and Mole Valley's local housing need. See 'Downloads' below to view this letter.

MVDC will be responding to the government's full proposals in due course.