Reporting a Planning Breach

We have discretionary enforcement powers that can be applied when there is a breach in planning control that causes harm to the amenity of the area, and that cannot be resolved by negotiation.

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Before you make a report:

  • Is the work permitted without planning permission? Find out more about when planning permission is required using the Planning Portal Interactive House (see 'Internet Links').
  • Check if planning permission has been granted for the work by using the online planning application search.


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We cannot investigate:

  • Ownership - Party walls, boundary disputes, land ownership, deeds and covenants, overhanging gutters. These are civil disputes (see 'Internet Links').
  • Disruption - Noise, smell, anti-social behaviour, overgrown trees and bushes, vehicles (see 'Related Pages').
  • Site operations - Health and safety, hours of work, security, graffiti, dangerous structures, poor quality of work (see 'Related Pages').
  • Highway matters - Parking, obstruction, objects on footpaths (see 'Internet Links').
  • Drainage - Sewers, soakaways (see 'Internet Links').

In certain circumstances, our enquiries may lead to a criminal investigation. Therefore we cannot accept anonymous complaints. You must also ensure that the information you provide is accurate and a true representation of the facts.

Although we will not under any circumstances reveal your details, the person responsible for the works you are complaining about (normally the landowner) will be made aware of the nature of your complaint. We cannot guarantee that the person responsible for the works will not presume that you are responsible for the complaint.

If the Council chooses to take formal enforcement action, you may be requested to appear as a witness at any subsequent appeal hearing or court proceedings.