Close Contact Services

Close contact services can now reopen to the public. Business owners must review their practises and ensure they can still operate in a way that does not increase the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Due to the nature of close contact services, e.g. hair dressing, beauty treatments, barbers etc., business owners need to take in to account the additional COVID-19 related risks along with the usual hygiene risks for the services they offer. 

COVID-19 Legal Requirements 

Close contact business owners are legally required to do the following:

  • Review their practises and complete a COVD-19 Risk Assessment highlighting the transmission risks and solutions to overcome these. Companies which employ more than five people need to have a written Risk Assessment and must share it with their team of staff. Close Contact Services Risk Assessment template
  • Customers and staff are legally required to wear a face covering inside unless they are exempt for a health reason. Police are able to enforce the rule of wearing face coverings so staff do not have to challenge customers. However it is required that businesses should use signage to promote the use of face coverings, printable signage is available.

Suggested COVID-19 Measures

  • Space out the workstations within the saloon or barbers to allow for two metres of social distancing or use screens between each station if two metres is not achievable
  • Create a one way system though the premises, if possible create a separate exit for customers
  • Display signage for the use of face coverings and social distancing
  • Open all available windows and doors to allow for good ventilation. If you use air conditioning make sure it is set to intake fresh air from outside
  • Hand sanitiser available on entrance and throughout the premises
  • Staff to be provided with appropriate PPE; face coverings, visors, aprons and gloves
  • Clean each workstation including surfaces, equipment, the chair and other customer touch points between each appointment with sanitiser and disposable wipes. Stagger appointment times to allow for this
  • Encourage frequent hand washing by staff throughout the day and use NHS posters in toilets and ensure you have plenty of soap 
  • Assign staff their own workstation and equipment in order to reduce the risk of transmission by sharing equipment or staff moving round the premises unnecessarily 
  • Group or pair staff up so that they work on the same shifts
  • Request clients to fill out a COVID-19 form 24 hours before their appointment to assess whether they have symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19. If they have or they do display symptoms cancel their appointment and advise them to isolate. 
  • Train staff on COVID-19 symptoms and the rules surrounding isolation and when to get tested. Also have a system in place if a member of staff contracts the virus
  • Continue social distancing in staff break areas, do this by staggering breaks and training staff on social distancing
  • Be mindful of the risk of legionella in the water supply seeing as the system may have been off for quite some time

For any further information please email your queries to us or visit GOV.UK.