Gyms & Leisure Facilities

Gyms are now able to reopen for use individually or in household groups.

If the country is able to go ahead to step three of the roadmap on the 17 May then organised indoor sports for adults can commence. However when gyms and leisure facilities do reopen they need to be operating in a way that continues to fight against the transmission of COVID-19.

COVID-19 can be transmitted through three variables within these environments, which means business owners must put measures in place against these variables:

  • Droplet transmission and aerosol generation – when exercising or playing a group sport there is a larger risk of transmission through closer contact of breath and sweat.
  • Fomite transmission – risk of contracting the virus from touching an infected surface.
  • Population – with people traveling from different households and mixing when playing sport together or using the gym, this increases the risk of transmission.

COVID-19 Legal Requirements

Employers need to ensure their business is operating in a way that protects their staff and customers from the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. There are measures which gyms and leisure centres are legally obliged to have in place, these are as follows:

  • First the employer must complete a COVID-19 risk assessment highlighting the potential risks and their solutions for their business associated to the spread of COVID-19. This must be written and shown to all staff on completion if you employ more than five staff. Gym & Leisure Facilities Risk Assessment template
  • Face coverings must be worn within all indoor spaces apart from when exercising and if exempt for a health reason. Use signage at the entrance to the building to inform customers they must wear a face covering when entering and moving round the premises (printable signage is available). Staff can be trained to advise customers to use face coverings but only the police can enforce this message, so staff do not have to challenge those who do not comply
  • Customers can only visit the gym if they are on their own or visiting with members of their household
  • You must display the NHS Track and Trace QR code at the entrance to the building

Additional COVID secure measures gyms and leisure centres can put in place

  • Limit the number of people in the building by getting customers to book a time slot to use the gym
  • Clean all gym equipment after each use with disposable sanitising wipes
  • Group or pair staff up so they work together on the same shifts
  • Create a one way system through the building as an effort to avoid customers passing each other in close proximity
  • Encourage social distancing through signage and the use of floor markers in queuing areas
  • Have hand sanitisers available on entrance to the building, the gym and changing areas
  • Frequently clean all areas (customer touch points, toilets and changing rooms) regularly throughout the day
  • Encourage contactless payment

For any further information please email your enquiries to us.