Weddings, Civil Ceremonies & Funerals

As a business owner you are responsible for following the Government's announcements in the lead up to the dates of the roadmap steps. Only when it is deemed safe by the Government will the country progress on to the next step of the roadmap.

Important dates for weddings, funerals and civil ceremonies:

  • Funerals can now go ahead with up to 30 people. Weddings can now go ahead with up to 15 people with a wedding reception but only within places of worship or public buildings 
  • Monday 17 May – weddings, funerals and commemorative events can go ahead with up to 30 people including in indoor hospitality venues
  • Monday 21 June – no restrictions

The employer of all venue types (wedding venues, funeral homes/crematoriums etc.) must complete a COVID-19 risk assessment highlighting the potential risks and their solutions within their business associated with the spread of COVID-19. This must be written and shown to all staff on completion if you employ more than five staff. Risk Assessment template

Legal requirements for venues who are open only for the purpose of wedding ceremonies

  • Venues must only admit the number of guests allowed by the government depending on the date of the event in relation to the roadmap detailed above 
  • Face coverings must be worn inside by guests and staff, unless an individual is exempt for a health reason, however only the police can enforce this rule 
  • Venues must display a QR code check in poster for the NHS Track and Trace app 

Suggested additional measures that can be put into place

  • Provide staff with PPE; gloves and face coverings
  • Use signage at the entrance and throughout the venue to encourage the use of face coverings (printable signage is available) and social distancing
  • Have hand sanitiser available at the entrance and throughout the premises 
  • Socially distance households during the ceremony, e.g. in a church cover some pews so households can’t sit directly in front or behind another household 
  • Don’t allow guests into the venue until a short time before the ceremony
  • Use signage at entrance to encourage social distancing between guests before and after the ceremony, don’t allow guests to hang around socialising after ceremonies 
  • Limit the number of guests in the toilets, create a queuing system outside using floor markers to encourage social distance queuing
  • Clean the ceremony area (chairs, touch points) between each ceremony
  • Use disposable orders of service for the ceremonies
  • Use recorded music at a sensible volume level so guests don’t have to shout or get tempted to join in with the singing
  • Ceremonies cannot include singing or chanting until all restrictions are lifted
  • Group or pair the staff together so they work the same shifts in order to decrease unnecessary mixing between staff
  • Keep all available windows and doors open within the venue to allow for good ventilation through the building
  • Stagger staff breaks to allow for social distancing in staff break areas 
  • Train staff on the isolation process if they begin showing symptoms or if they contract the virus
  • Venues which have not been open for a while should check their water system for legionella

For any further information please email your queries to us. You can also view more advice and guidance for small and medium scale indoor and outdoor events.