Organising a Cycling Event

Mole Valley is becoming an increasingly popular setting for cycling events because of its beauty and challenges of the Surrey Hills.

When planning a cycling event the organiser has prime responsibility for protecting the health, safety and welfare of everyone working at, participating in or viewing the event.

The Mole Valley Safety Advisory Group works to ensure that events are safe and any disruption and inconvenience for residents is kept to a minimum. Some communities are heavily affected by cycling events so in order to minimise disruption the SAG aims to make event organisers aware of other conflicting events. For more information see Organising a large public event.

When organising an event on the road you will need to consider:

  • safety measures for riders and the public
  • high visibility clothing for stewards and riders
  • making local residents aware of the event
  • clear and appropriate signage
  • access and emergency routes
  • planning for bad weather conditions
  • erecting pre-event notices
  • marshal training and management
  • rider and steward briefings
  • checking if similar events coincide
  • removing signs and notices after the event

Mole Valley District Council will need to be advised in writing to of any road event at least three months in advance so that safety measures can be discussed.

If a cycling event requires a road closure or crosses more than one district or borough then the event organiser will need to gain permission for the event from Surrey County Council up to 12 months in advance.