Salary and Organisational Information

As of November 2020 , MVDC had 296 employees ( 260.48 full time equivalent employees). For up-to-date information about headcount please email

For more information about MVDC’s income and expenditure (including figures and forecasts), please visit the government website (

Senior Leadership Team Salaries



Salary range

Chief Executive


£ 108,356 - £120,977

Deputy Chief Executive/s151 Officer


£ 88,105 - £100,362

Monitoring Officer


£ 59,796 - £64,133

Strategic Lead for HR and OD


£ 59,796 - £64,133

Executive Heads of Service

4 FTEs

£ 72,329 - £81,648

Gender Pay Gap 20 20/21

Women on average are paid 5.5 % less than men, with the figure reducing to 2. 3 % as a median, thereby illustrating our pay gap is well below national levels. The figure purely represents the difference in average pay of men and women without reference to their particular job. All jobs are objectively evaluated and awarded pay relative to the work done.

With a small workforce of around 3 5 0 people (including contractors and casuals), Mole Valley has outsourced highly manual operations such as waste collection. Councils that retain these services and directly employ manual workers are more likely to pay men on average less than women and therefore have a negative pay gap.

Mole Valley already offers a variety of flexible working arrangements across the organisation and will be looking to maximise agile working arrangements with the opportunities that technology developments provide, thereby enabling Mole Valley to be an inclusive employer, recruiting and retaining people with the right skills for the job.