Homes for Older People

Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) can provide advice and assistance to older persons (over 55) looking for accommodation with housing associations for rent or sale.

Rented Accommodation

As well as providing general needs housing, housing associations can provide a variety of accommodation for those over 55 years. Several housing associations provide sheltered accommodation with onsite staff or regular staff visits. Other accommodation is simply ordinary flats designated for older people that may include a care alarm.

To apply you need to join the MVDC's housing register and you can do this by going to the HomeChoice website. Applicants must be eligible and qualify to join the Housing Register. Those who own or jointly own any residential property either outright or mortgaged, have combined savings and assets in excess of £16,000 and an annual household gross income in excess of £50,000, will not qualify to join. 

Clarion Housing has available studio and one bedroom sheltered accommodation and flats for over 55s. A typical layout of an over 55s studio flat is available to view (see 'Downloads'). For more information about Clarion accommodation ring 0300 500 8000

Rented accommodation can also be found in the private sector by applying to estate agents, looking in local newspapers or online.

Leasehold Sale Accommodation

Accommodation is available to older people for sale on long leases (see 'Downloads'). 

Many specialist builders and estate agents provide accommodation for those over 55 years with varying degrees of on-site or 'buy in' support. 'Housing Care' can assist. Also, see the Sheltered Housing in Mole Valley leaflet (see 'Downloads').

If you still require further advice or assistance, you can contact the Housing Options Team on 01306 885001 or you can arrange a personal interview at the MVDC's offices at Pippbrook in Dorking.

Appointments are available from 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. It is not possible to arrange an appointment between 12 - 2pm.