Housing Associations working in Mole Valley

Housing Associations or Registered Providers are independent organisations providing homes for people to rent, or buy through low cost home ownership schemes.

What type of Housing Associations work in Mole Valley?

Since Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) transferred its housing stock in 2007 to Circle Housing Mole Valley; Housing Associations are now the only providers of new and existing housing at affordable rents in the Mole Valley district. MVDC works in partnership with Associations to make sure that the new housing they provide meets the needs of local people.

Associations can be large or small. Some have thousands of properties all over Britain; others are more local organisations like Circle Housing Mole Valley. Some are charitable bodies, some are non charitable. Some cater for a particular group of people, for example, older people or people with special needs, while others meet a range of needs including family homes and housing for single people.

Some are almshouse charities that focus on managing their own properties and cater for the needs of their residents who are mainly older, retired people.

Who gets housed?

MVDC operates a choice based lettings scheme called Mole Valley Homechoice. Each week, every vacant Housing Association property is advertised and applicants are able to bid (make known their interest) for the properties available.

Most Associations do not operate separate waiting lists. For more information and to apply online - see 'Related Pages'.

What if I am a Housing Association tenant and need to move?

If you accept a Housing Association tenancy and then find that you need to move you can either:

  • apply to join the Mole Valley Housing Register if you live in the district; or
  • apply for a mutual exchange and your Housing Association will provide you with the information you need

Buying a Housing Association home

If you are looking to buy a place of your own but you need help to get a foot on the housing ladder, there are a range of HelpTo Buy schemes such as equity loans / shared ownership / intermediate rental schemes. See 'Internet Links' for local and other government schemes.

What if I have a complaint?

If you have a complaint about a Housing Association, you should in the first instance write to the member of staff at the Housing Association you have been dealing with. If your problem is not resolved, write to their manager. If you are still unhappy, ask for the Association's complaints procedure. All Associations should have a complaints procedure. If you still consider that you have a grievance, contact the Independent Housing Ombudsman service (see 'Internet Links').