Private Renting

Private renting is available to most people and is often the quickest way to find a home.

If you are interested in renting privately and want to know if you can afford it, please contact a Housing Options Officer by calling 01306 879151.

Where I can find private rented housing

  • speak to letting agents (this will involve an administration fee)
  • speak to landlords directly
  • look for adverts in newspapers, notice boards, shop windows, supermarkets
  • search the internet

Letting rooms in your home 

Advice for people who are thinking about renting out a room in their own house can be found on GOV.UK.

Rent a room from a resident landlord

Advice for people who are looking for lodgings (renting a room) in a house where the landlord is also resident can be found on GOV.UK.

Help with deposits and rent in advance

Please see the 'Home Choice Plus' leaflets (see 'Downloads').


Please see the Localpad for Councils website.

This allows you to advertise properties to rent through the Council's HomeChoice Plus scheme both in the Mole Valley area and further afield. Member landlords can also share best practice through our landlords forum and access case law and legislative updates. See the National Landlords Association website which can also provide support and advice.

Privacy Notice to Landlords

Please see 'Downloads' for further details.

For more information call the Private Rented Officer on 01306 879151.