Meadowbank Playground

The new state-of-the-art playground boasts a range of inclusive features for kids of all ages and physical abilities to enjoy set around a theme that incorporates local landmarks. Kids can scale Box Hill, jump over the River Mole, climb Leith Hill Tower and dig in Betchworth Quarry.

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Kompan's design proved to be the favourite of four dynamic designs which featured in the third and final stage of consultation following the submission of hundreds of voting forms from the public. One of the aspects of the winning design that clearly caught the public's imagination was that inspiration was taken from local features around the town, including the Dorking cockerel, Box Hill and the River Mole, to create a series of themed play experiences to over joy the young users.

There is a strong focus on inclusivity within the playground, such as an inclusive sand table, roundabout, swing and double width side, which will prove exciting to children of all ages and physical ability so that everyone can enjoy playing together. The site also features inspiring sensory planting, providing plenty of things for people to touch, smell, hear, see and even eat in and around the playground.

Where is Meadowbank?

Meadowbank Park is located behind St Martin's Walk in Dorking. Parking is available at the shopping centre, just type in RH4 1DX for directions. Parking is also available at other Dorking car parks.

For enquiries, please call 01306 885001.