Lift Sharing in Mole Valley

Sharing journeys to work is an easy way of reducing fuel costs and road congestion.

Sharing your journey with other passengers that contribute to your fuel and parking costs has many other benefits too!


  • reduced fuel costs and parking charges
  • less congestion and shorter car journeys with fewer cars on the road
  • more pleasant journeys, with company on the route
  • increased security, company when walking to and from the vehicle
  • better air quality and lower emissions due to reduced traffic fumes
  • less wear and tear on the roads
  • reduced stress for passengers, those not driving can relax and don't have to think about traffic

Lift sharing can be organised informally with friends and family. Beyond this, the lift sharing site is a useful way of finding fellow commuters to share journeys with. This site has a calculator on where you can work out how much you could save, both in monetary value and in CO2 emissions by lift sharing.

Most lift sharing websites promote agreement of certain rules being discussed before lift sharing commences such as checking insurance rules, considering personal safety, looking into the tax implications of money received, timekeeping etiquette, sickness notification, payment details and rules around food/drink consumption etc within the car.