Resident Legacy Off-Street Permit

This type of permit is no longer available to new applicants and is only available to existing resident off-street parking permit holders and will therefore now be referred to as a legacy resident off-street parking permit.

Confirmation of eligibility can only be given by Mole Valley District Council (MVDC)'s parking team. Advice provided by any other member of MVDC staff or other third party such as an estate agent, shall not be honoured.

To qualify for a Resident Legacy Off-Street Permit:

  1. You must have held a resident off-street parking permit since 31 March 2020
  2. If your permit has lapsed for longer than one calendar month then you will no longer be eligible for a legacy resident off-street permit
  3. You must still live in the same property for which the legacy resident off-street permit was originally issued. This must also be your usual place of residence and one of the roads listed in the terms and conditions. If you do not regularly live at the property then you no longer qualify for a permit irrespective of your interest in the property
  4. New residents to the property will not be eligible for a legacy resident off-street permit
  5. Your vehicle must be registered to the address for which you are applying

Documents Required:

Proof of Residency. Acceptable documents include

  • A recent utility bill, bank statement or payslip no more than three months old (electricity, gas, landline phone, water bill)
  • Benefit Award Statement, Tenancy Agreement or letter from your Landlord confirming your tenancy

Proof that you are the registered keeper of the vehicle. Acceptable documents include:

  • The vehicle registration document (V5) showing your name and permit address
  • A letter on headed paper from your employer stating the vehicle details, registration and that you have full time use of this company vehicle at the permit address
  • A copy of the vehicle lease/hire agreement showing your name, permit address and vehicle details
  • An insurance policy schedule showing your name, permit address and vehicle details

Photocopies and online downloads of the above will be accepted.


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Legacy Resident Parking Permit Terms and Conditions.

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