Merebank Playground Improvement

Residents and users of the existing facilities in Beare Green are being invited to take part in a public consultation to help decide what the proposed improvements to Merebank Recreation Ground playground will look like.

The improvements will see the existing wooden balance beam and wobble board from the fenced play area removed and replaced with new, more modern, challenging and fun play equipment.

Participants will be asked to choose their top three of the designs put forward by play companies. Copies of the designs will also be available to view at the Community Centre in Merebank.  

Having counted the votes, the winning design will be chosen following the conclusion of the consultation on Wednesday 19 August 2020. The successful play company will then install the new items of equipment this autumn.

Please make a note of your favourite three designs listed below, and the order of your preference (favourite, second favourite and third favourite) before voting


Design 1

"Playground design 1"

Ground Level Trampoline | See-Saw | Bonded rubber surfacing and pathway

Design 2

"Playground design 2"

Pirate ship toddler multi play unit | Daisy 4 seat springer | Grass mat surfacing

Design 3

"Playground design 3"

Rainwheel noise maker | Timber and rope climbing stack unit | Single seat spring rocker | Bonded rubber surfacing

Design 4

"Playground design 4"

Timber/rope bridge | Stepping logs | Embankment ramp | Climbing wall | Grass mat surfacing

Design 5

"Playground design 5"

Wooden play trail | Single seat spring rocker | Bonded rubber surfacing

Design 6

"Playground design 6"

Timber climbing stack unit | Wooden stepping stilts | Bonded rubber surfacing